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Payment over the phone

Taking payments over the phone

When taking payment over the phone the process needs to be simple, fast, and secure. Virtual Terminal is ideal for taking payments over the phone or by e-mail order, particularly if you don’t have POS (Point of Sale) or need to keep your POS terminal free for in-store transactions.


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Extend your services

Through taking payments over the phone you will extend your services out to a wider group of customers outside your normal area and potentially increase revenue.

Online Service

Virtual Terminal enables you to take payments anywhere with an Internet connection. Simply login to your secure Virtual Terminal Page and enter your customer's card details for Worldpay to securely process the transaction.

Keep record of all your transactions

When using Virtual Terminal, our Business Manager tool keeps a record of all transactions in one secure place. Print your transaction history, or create Excel reports effortlessly. This  will mean you spend less time working on administration and more time running your business.

No technical knowledge required

Virtual Terminal does not require any technical setup or configuration. For more information, speak to one of our payment specialists about taking payments over the phone with a Worldpay Virtual Terminal.

Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

  • Log in to your secure Virtual Terminal.

  • Enter customer's card details.

  • Worldpay securely process the transaction.

  • Confirmation is given straight away.


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