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We can offer you fast, secure and reliable card machines to fit your business. Whether you're at the till, on the shop floor or on the move visiting customers, we make it simple to start accepting card payments.


Find the right card machine for your business

Countertop card machines

Fast and secure payments from your desk or till.

Perfect for any shop or retailer who wish to take credit and debit card payments at the till point or over the phone. With built-in Contactless technology you can reduce customer waiting time by serving them quickly and seamlessly. 

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Portable card machines

Take card payments to customers on your shop floor.

Our portable card machines are perfect for businesses like restaurants, cafes and bars. Your customers can carry on enjoying their time in your business and pay from the comfort of their seat. 

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Mobile card machines

The machine for any business on the move.

Our mobile card machine is perfect for tradesman, delivery businesses or anyone wanting to accept credit and debit card payments on the road. With mobile coverage you can take safe and secure payments wherever you do business.

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Less is more -
Contactless payments

The rise of contactless payments has shown people a new way to pay. From contactless credit and debit cards to using mobiles to pay for goods, are your customers looking to tap and go? Contactless is built in to all our terminals and is quick and simple to set up.

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Mobile payment options

Our contactless devices accept payment through mobile devices using the following payment platforms



Read more on ApplePay

The way the terminal works suits our business perfectly. From a financial admin perspective, it makes the process very streamlined, quick and efficient.

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Terminal Comparison

Need to know what kind of Card Machine is the right fit for your business? Compare machines and get the ideal card terminal for your needs.

Installation and operation See comparisons

  Countertop Portable Mobile
Easy to use, fast and reliable to operate tick tick tick
Self-installing – just plug in and follow prompts tick tick tick
Suitable for a range of lighting environments tick tick tick
Operates multiple terminals from a single base unit cross tick cross

Payment features See comparisons

  Countertop Portable Mobile
Accepts all major credit, debit and charge cards tick tick tick
Supports the latest Chip & PIN card technology tick tick tick
Able to process a wide range of transactions tick tick tick
Transactions automatically seek online authorisation tick tick tick
Pre-Authorisation available tick tick tick
Supports Contactless payments tick tick tick

Ease of use See comparisons

  Countertop Portable Mobile
Integrated PINpad useful where space is limited tick tick tick
Ergonomic keyboard for easy PIN entry tick tick tick
Keypad includes 18 keys including 3 function keys tick tick tick
Large graphic display with adjustable contrast tick tick tick
Ideal for both indoor and most outdoor environments cross cross tick
Take the terminal handset to your customer cross tick tick

Technology See comparisons

  Countertop Portable Mobile
Quiet and fast easy loading thermal printer tick tick tick
Long life battery for up to 200 transactions per charge tick tick tick
Utilise Bluetooth technology for payment mobility cross tick cross
Terminal has a clear range of up to 200 metres cross tick cross
CSM/CPRS - take payments wherever you are cross cross tick
Free up telephone landlines for other business calls cross cross tick

The Extras

  • Payments are authorised and authenticated immediately
  • All card machines meet global anti-fraud standards (PCI DSS compliant)
  • Next day terminal replacement available
  • UK based Help Desk and online support 24/7/365
  • Access to Worldpay Benefits Club
  • Access business growth tools like My Business Dashboard


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Need to know what kind of Card Machine is the right fit for your business? Compare machines and get the ideal card terminal for your needs.

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