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The Cashless Society

Research revealed in this report finds that 63% of UK consumers believe their phones will replace physical credit or debit cards as their main method of payment in five years’ time.

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It is a little over a decade since Northern Rock became the first UK bank in 150 years to fail because of a run on its deposits.

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Does your business regularly take payments under £30 in value? Are you struggling to keep queues manageable during busy times?

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50% of SMEs began selling online within a year of establishing. In this report we discuss taking the online sales leap and how to build a thriving eCommerce business

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Mobile Payments Revolution

Over three-quarters of UK adults now own a smartphone. And increasingly we’re not afraid to use them to pay for goods and services. Whether that means accessing eCommerce sites from our phones or paying in-store via services like Apple Pay, it’s all about speed and convenience.

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Mobile Payments Infographic

Did you know 38 million mobile contactless transactions were made in 2016? Or that £288 Million was spend through contactless transactions? Read more about the rise of mobile payments in our infographic today.

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Put Clients First with Online Payments

Accountants reading the latest headlines about the UK’s booming e-commerce market will probably think “so what?”. After all, what good is it to your business that retailers are set to make a staggering £116 billion this year? 

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Tips to PR your business

One of the most frequently overlooked tools by small businesses looking to grow is public relations (PR). PR covers any activity you carry out around your business on social media channels and any media coverage you earn (i.e. don’t pay for) in traditional media, whether that is online news sites, local newspapers or trade magazines.

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Android Pay

In mid-May the mobile payments world took another exciting twist as Android Pay officially launched in the UK. Offering businesses even more ways to meet their customers’ growing demands for fast, simple, secure and intuitive ways to pay.

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The 6 Most Common Website SEO Mistakes

Find out the 5 most common mistakes businesses make which when fixed can result in a significant uplift in organic traffic visiting your website. 

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