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Apple pay is here

With 300,000 small businesses expected to support the recent launch of Apple Pay in the UK, it is vital that you're among the leaders of the revolution. But don't worry, with Worldpay, accepting Apple Pay couldn't be easier.

Why do I need Apple Pay for my business?

  • Provide your customers with a first-rate shopping experience
  • Integrate seamlessly your online and in-store payment options
  • Accept payments from gadgets your customers use every day
  • Offer the security of Chip and PIN at the speed of contactless technology
  • Eliminate the transaction limit for ultimate convenience*
  • Protect your customers privacy as credit and debit card numbers are never shared with Apple
  • Speed up your in-store queues for greater footfall, greater sales and greater profits
  • Capitalise on the rise of mobile payments with over 500 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in use globally

How does it work


For more information on how to get Apple Pay up and running with Worldpay, download your copy of our free guide


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Get your questions answered, including: 

  • What does Apple Pay mean for business?
  • Are there any additional costs associated with accepting Apple Pay?
  • Can US visitors use Apple Pay within the UK?



Digital payment tokens are randomly generated rather than using actual credit or debit card numbers

Biometric Technology

Apple Pay uses fingerprint recognition technology to authenticate user

Consumer Privacy

Data is never saved and token card data makes it extremely difficult for hackers to commit fraud

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